Constanza de Dios, PhD, is research faculty with the Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addiction (CNRA) in the Faillace Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She received her PhD in psychology (focus: cognitive neuroscience) at the University of South Florida and completed her postdoctoral research fellowship at the CNRA.

During her fellowship at the CNRA, Dr. de Dios developed expertise in applied statistical analyses of clinical research data, specifically in the contexts of randomized controlled trials, longitudinal designs, observational studies, and meta-analyses. In her current role, she specializes in methods that focus on statistical learning, biostatistics, generalized linear modeling, generalized linear mixed modeling, and multivariate analyses, applying frequentist or Bayesian inference where appropriate. In addition to substance use, she has collaborated with researchers in content areas that include mood disorders, trauma, and acute care.


Doctoral Degree
Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience), University of South Florida

Areas of Interest

Research Interests


Bayesian statistical inference

Substance Use

Cognitive Neuroscience