HIV Testing, Treatment, and Prevention

The HEARTS@UTHealth Houston program offers free HIV and Hepatitis C testing. We also offer education on prevention including raising awareness of behaviors that increase risk for these or other sexually transmitted infections.

An important goal of the HEARTS@UTHealth Houston program is to decrease the incidence of new HIV/HCV diagnoses. Individuals who engage in substance use who also engage in condomless sexual activity with people of unknown risk or who are HIV positive, people who inject drugs, and people who engage in condomless sexual activities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs  are at a greater risk of acquiring HIV or HCV infections.

Through the HEARTS@UTHealth Houston program, individuals who are living with HIV or Hepatitis C  and who are not in care can be reconnected to care through our referral partners.

The program also offers a combined Hepatitis A & B Vaccination.

HIV Prevention, Testing, and Treatment Resources:

Avenue360 Health and Wellness

Legacy Community Health

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Health Center – Houston

If you or are loved one are interested in learning more about the HEARTS@UTHealth services, fill out this form: HEARTS Contact Form