Psychology Practicum Program

UTHealth HCPC Psychology Practicum Program

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences offers the Psychology Practicum Program at UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center (HCPC). UTHealth HCPC is the training home for psychiatry residents, medical students and psychology interns of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. The hospital is a multi-disciplinary setting that provides a rich environment for collaborative learning and growth.

Students participate in all programs offered by Psychology Services at HCPC under the supervision of licensed psychologists. Students are expected to log 17 on-site hours at HCPC per week for the duration of the practicum experience and attend at least 1 hour of individual supervision, as well as 1 hour of group supervision/case conference per week. The Psychology Practicum Program is comprised of two tracks:

  • Adult Track:
    • Psychological Assessment – Students will conduct psychological assessments of patients across the nine adult units, as per relevant referrals. Students can expect to conduct approximately 2 assessments per week, on average.
    • Brief Individual Intervention – Students will provide brief individual interventions to adult patients from various clinical units. The rate of referral is variable. On average, students can expect to see two patients per month for individual intervention.
    • Group Therapy – Students will co-facilitate cognitive-behavioral therapy groups, including psychoeducation and dialectical behavior therapy groups.
    • Clinical Research – Students will administer interview-based, self-report, and computerized assessments, as well as informed consent procedures, to research participants for Psychology Services-related studies conducted with HCPC patients. Students may also be involved in conducting individual or group therapy in the context of clinical research studies at HCPC. Students are thus required to maintain all appropriate and up-to-date Human Subjects research approvals via the UT Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects; Mill Aller will coordinate that such approvals are obtained and maintained throughout the practicum year.
  • Other Practicum Activities:
    • Supervision – Students will attend one-hour of weekly individual supervision per week.
    • Case Conference (Psychology) – Students will attend Psychology Case Conference meetings, as scheduled.
    • Case Conference (UTHealth HCPC) – Case Conference meetings are held on Tuesdays at noon (12-1 pm) in Room 3A-01. Students are encouraged to attend to gain a multidisciplinary perspective on various HCPC patients, as presented by psychiatry residents and medical students, if schedules permit.
    • Unit Rounds/Meetings – Students have the opportunity to attend Unit Rounds and other multidisciplinary staff meetings held by Unit psychiatrists.  These meetings may include social work, nursing staff, psychiatry residents, and other trainees.
    • Grand Rounds – The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences hosts Grand Rounds on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. Grand Rounds are held on Wednesdays at noon (12-1 pm) in the UTHealth HCPC Auditorium. Students are encouraged to attend, as schedules permit.


Dr. Elaleh Ashtari psychologist
Elaheh Ashtari, PsyD
Assistant Professor

Ana M. Ugueto, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Alia Warner psychologist
Alia Warner, PhD
Assistant Professor

How to Apply

To apply for the UTHealth Psychology Practicum Program, please send your CV/resume to Sarah Hernandez.

Contact Us

Sarah Hernandez
Psychology Services Coordinator

Phone: 713-741-6087