Our research activities aim to:

  1. Map out the neurological, behavioral, and clinical mechanisms that contribute to drug addiction,
  2. Target key mechanistic processes in the development of SUD treatment and
  3. Evaluate treatment efficacy using innovative clinical trial designs and statistical methods.

Our research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIDA) continuously since 1995. We are equally committed to the training and career development of the next generation of addiction scientists, educators and clinicians. The center also serves as a primary research rotation and training site for psychiatry residents, psychology interns, clinical practicum students and postdoctoral research fellows interested in the science of addiction and its treatment.

We are currently conducting several studies involving various types of substance use. Please review the descriptions of our ongoing studies below. To see if you might be eligible for one of our studies, please call 713-500-DRUG (3784) to complete a screening over the phone.

Current Studies at the CNRA:

Developing Adaptive Interventions for Cocaine Cessation and Relapse Prevention

Targeting Stress-Induced Alcohol Relapse Risk with Doxazosin XL

Suvorexant to reduce symptoms of nicotine use: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study

The effects of abstinence on EEG power and attention in cocaine use disorder

Neuroimaging and Brain Cell Structure and Function in Substance Abuse (InVitro and In Vivo Evidence of Neurotoxicity in Substance Abuse)