August 3, 2018

ADHD vs. Bipolar: Diagnosing the Difference in Kids

Diagnosing behavioral conditions can be challenging, especially in kids. Consulting a specialist with a trained eye, who follows best practices for sifting through the symptoms, can make all the difference in obtaining a correct diagnosis—and treating the condition appropriately: Enter Cristian…

June 27, 2017

Going to extremes: There is hope regarding mental health issues in children and adolescents

When Pat Sumner’s son, Eric, was in elementary school, she chalked up his moodiness to anxiety issues. After two decades of frustration and confusion, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder was tough. Sumner knows all too well the toll that bipolar…

June 20, 2017

Researchers identify genes linked to stress, bipolar

Genetic alterations that can be modulated by stress have been identified in children at high risk for bipolar disorder, according to a recently published study by researchers at McGovern Medical School. Results appeared in Translational Psychiatry, a Nature Publishing Group…