Vagus nerve stimulation

The treatment-resistant depression clinic is now offering vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) as a treatment for patients with cases of severe depression.

In many of treatment-resistant depression cases, patients, along with their families, become noncompliant or discontinue their antidepressant treatment when they’re not seeing better results. The clinic provides cutting-edge technology and resources in a single location to improve personalized treatment, enhance care coordination, and expand accessibility.

VNS the recommended treatment when:

  • Have chronic, hard-to-treat depression (treatment-resistant depression)
  • Haven’t improved after trying four or more medications or electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or both
  • Continue standard depression treatments along with vagus nerve stimulation

The procedure includes a small surgical procedure that places a pulse generator in the patient’s chest area. The generator is connected to the left vagus nerve by a wire threaded underneath the skin. The device is programed to give an electric current in a continuous cycle for a set amount of time. The process then repeats itself.

For more information about VNS or to make an appointment, call 713-486-2700.