Criteria for Accelerated Promotion on the Non-Tenure Clinical Track

Pre-submission Requirements:

Criteria for accelerated promotion and rationale and benefit to McGovern Medical School should be made clear
to Department leadership and faculty. Both the Chair’s Letter and the Candidate’s Narrative should acknowledge
accelerated promotion and why it is indicated in the case in question. Chairs and Candidates are strongly urged
to seek counsel from the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs to obtain permission to submit a request for
accelerated promotion. External letters of reference should specifically state if the candidate would be deserving
of accelerated promotion at their institution.

Accelerated Promotion to Associate Professor (less than five years of service as Assistant Professor):

A score of “2-Exceptional” in two categories, with a total score of 6.

Accelerated Promotion to Full Professor (less than five years of service as Associate Professor):

A score of “2-Exceptional” in three categories, with a total score of 7.

Examples of expected activities and criteria are as follows:


Evidence of sustained high clinical productivity as defined by RVU or other productivity metrics.

Participation in (Associate) or development of (Full) innovative or transformative clinical practices.


Strong record of first- or senior-authored publications in peer-reviewed, PubMed-listed journals, with
emphasis on high-impact factor journals.

Principal Investigator on at least one externally-funded grant of substantial value, e.g., R21 or equivalent
(Associate), or R01 or equivalent (Full), contract or trial.


Evidence of academic teaching beyond supervision of trainees in an organized course in a participatory
(Associate) or leadership (Full) role.

Sustained facilitation of Problem-Based or Team-Based Learning blocks.

Service as Director of a training program (resident/fellowship).

Service on an education-oriented committee or program committee at a national or international level.

Active leadership role in social media teaching/instruction with national impact.

Evidence of teaching excellence through a competitive departmental (Associate) or institutional or
greater (Full) teaching award.


Service as chair on at least one (Associate) or multiple (Full) university or hospital committees.

Service as participant (Associate) or chair (Full) on at least one national or international committee
(government, professional society, etc.).

Service as standing member of a federal science (NIH/DOD/NSF, etc.) grant study section.

Appointment as an associate- or vice-dean, department chair or division director.