Appointment, Promotion & Tenure

Appointment, promotion and tenure at McGovern Medical School is overseen by the Faculty Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee (FAPTC). Policies and procedures governing these activities are described in the Guidelines (see link below). Promotion and tenure considerations initiate with the submission of a packet September 1st. Successful actions take effect on September 1st of the following year.

We offer a formal review of faculty readiness for promotion/tenure through the Individual Promotion PlanContact Tina Clark (713) 500-5103 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Kevin Morano.

Additional information on policies relevant to faculty appointment, promotion and tenure can be found within the UTHealth Handbook of Operating Procedures:

UTHealth Philosophy and Guidelines for Faculty Recruitment

HOOP 189: Faculty Appointments

HOOP   44: Faculty Reappointment/Non-reappointment

HOOP   43: Faculty Promotion

HOOP 115: Tenure

Click the links below to access the 2021 year PowerPoint presentation & Webinar recording.

Faculty Promotion and Tenure Seminar – 2021 PowerPoint

Faculty Promotion and Tenure Seminar – Webinar – May 5, 2021

Tracks and Pathways

Non-Tenure Clinical Track
Faculty Tracks **Revised 7/2019
Faculty Pathways and Promotion Timing

Promotion and Tenure Documents for Department Admins

Faculty Promotion Checklist

Faculty External Reference List Form

Instructions for the Department Chair Letter

Faculty Track Change Request Form

Promotion and Tenure Documents for Faculty

Guidelines of the MMS Faculty Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee **Revised 5/2020
Clinical Promotion Toolbox **Revised 11/2019
Promotion Narrative Template – Clinical, non-tenure track
Promotion Narrative Template – Clinical, tenure track
Promotion Narrative Template – Research

Criteria for Accelerated Promotion – Clinical, non-tenure track

Sample (Clinical, non-tenure track) Promotion Narratives

[Clinical Activities section is not applicable for Research, non-tenure track or for tenure track, scientist-educator pathway. Scoring rubric only applicable for Clinical, non-tenure track.]

Sample Promotion Narrative – Associate Professor
Sample Promotion Narrative – Professor

Preparing your McGovern Medical School at UTHealth CV

UT CV format
Examples & Tips for organizing your CV
BEFORE – CV with errors
AFTER – CV corrected