Faculty Tracks

Ranks in all three tracks:

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor

Non-Tenure Tracks:

Clinical Track: Professional activities involve a commitment to patient care, with contributions in the form of
research activities and/or teaching related to patient care; professional and scholarly activities result in peer
esteem recognized at local and regional level; promotion based on evaluation of quantity and quality of effort in
patient care; scholarship, teaching and service; excellence in the clinical area connotes peer esteem;
promotion to senior faculty rank (Professor) requires demonstration of sustained commitment, achievement
and leadership to the department and institution.

Research Track: Primary professional activity is research, with limited teaching or institutional duties;
promotion will be based on scientific productivity and demonstrated ability to attract funding to support
research endeavors; promotion to senior faculty rank (Professor) requires recognition by the scientific
community as a productive investigator; and that the individual be recognized as having played a significant
role in the research activities of the institution, but without the requirement for having performed independent

Instruction Track: Primary professional activity is education, with associated institutional duties; promotion is
based on demonstrated continuous excellence in teaching as established by learner and peer review, as well
as pedagogical scholarship. Promotion to senior rank (Professor) requires recognition of educational impact
and excellence on a national level as well as leadership and innovation in the educational mission of the
institution coupled with peer recognition.

Tenure Track:

Clinician/Educator Pathway: Professional activity involves a major commitment to clinical service and teaching;
committed to patient care and education; promotion will be based on peer-recognized clinical achievements and
scholarship within one’s clinical discipline; extramural funding is not required but documentation of clinical
excellence and scholarship is expected.

Scientist/Educator Pathway: Professional activity involves a major commitment to research and teaching; must
demonstrate a significant body of focused independent research and research support which results in peer esteem
at the national or international level and excellence in classroom and/or bedside teaching.