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Structure and function of photoactive membrane receptors and signal transduction triggered by light; rhodopsins and related heptahelical receptors.

Macromolecular transport across prokaryotic and eukaryotic membranes; bacterial pathogenicity.

G protein mediated signal transduction; regulation of adenylyl cyclase and production of cyclic AMP; regulators of G protein signaling (RGS proteins); relaxin.

Structure, function and assembly of cell membranes; lipid-assisted protein folding.

  • Alemayehu Gorfe, Ph.D.

Use of computer simulations to study the organization of cell signaling components, interfacial interactions and allostery to aid in the development of treatments for unsolved health challenges

Plasma membrane nanostructure and signal transduction

Structure and function of ligand gated ion channels; spectroscopic investigations of membrane proteins.

Membrane structure and post-translational lipidation

Structural and molecular biology of calcium-signaling mechanisms including cardiac muscle contraction, Ca2+ channels, and calmodulin and regulators of calmodulin signaling.

 Structure and function of integral membrane protein complexes; structural basis of ion transport across cell  membranes; calcium channels.

Structural biology of membrane proteins; ion transport and regulation; X-ray Crystallography.


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