Message From the Director

Rehal Bhojani, MD

Rehal Bhojani, MD

We appreciate your interest in the UTHealth Houston Sports Medicine Fellowship.

Our primary goal is to train the leaders of tomorrow in Sports Medicine who are well-equipped to manage the day-to-day and comprehensive care of the active individual of all ages and abilities.

Whether you have your career goal as working in academics, working with community hospital, joining a multi-specialty musculoskeletal practice or a combination, this fellowship has the components to help you realize that aspiration.

Our dedicated faculty includes many leaders across all areas of Sports Medicine, including Orthopedics with sub-specialties and Sports Medicine (Family Medicine & Pediatrics).

Subsequently, each fellow has a unique opportunity for learning as well as involvement in scholarly activities and projects. These opportunities include longitudinal experiences in sports medicine clinic, pediatric orthopedic clinic, and musculoskeletal radiology with experiences in regenerative medicine, casting/splinting, injections, rehabilitation, and exercise physiology.

Our partnership with the Memorial Hermann Rockets Sports Medicine Institute gives the fellows a chance to interact and learn from physical therapists, athletic trainers, sport dietitians, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning specialists, neuropsychologists, and sports psychologists.

Fellows gain experiences in the physician’s office, the operating room, the athletic training room, in medical tents at mass events, and on the sideline caring for athletes at all levels of competition. Fellows will be given hands-on experience at the professional, collegiate, mass event, high school, and youth sports levels. In addition, our core faculty share different clinic models from musculoskeletal practice models to community-based blended family medicine-sports medicine models. A graduated level of autonomy provides you with the skills to be a successful sports medicine physician upon graduation.

We realize you have a choice where to commit to continue your medical education. We will work closely to tailor your individual needs and goals in order to ensure you achieve such goals. In addition, we will provide mentorship along your year’s journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team should you have further questions.

Rehal A. Bhojani, MD FAAFP CAQSM
Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Director

Maelene Phillips, MHL
Sports Medicine Fellowship Coordinator