Research support with a particular focus on study design, data management, and statistical analysis and interpretation, is provided by DCTS in one or more of the following capacities: collaboration, consultation or fee-for service. Additionally we also have expertise in managing large data coordinating centers and data cores, as well as experience in designing adaptive trials. We are committed to transdisciplinary synergy which is the basic premise for our interactions with investigators in various CCTS-affiliated institutions, schools, and departments. The initial BERD consultation to assess an investigator’s research needs is offered free of charge. After the initial consult, we make an assessment regarding the needs of the project. The DCTS generally recommend a collaborative arrangement in which a fixed percentage of effort of a DCTS faculty member is budgeted on the grant application. This prospective arrangement has the advantage of 1) assuring the investigator that the necessary BERD resources have been pre-negotiated and will be available when the application is funded and 2) optimizing the project’s capacity to produce valid, meaningful findings. Alternatively, departments may fund some percentage of DCTS faculty or staff effort to ensure that the department’s faculty and trainees will have timely access to statistical and epidemiological expertise. For internally funded projects requiring limited data management or statistical analysis, a contractual arrangement is also possible.

Please direct your request for DCTS BERD support to Director of DCTS and BERD, Dr. Mohammad Rahbar, PhD.

Phone: 713-500-7901