The mission of DCTS is to promote innovative, state-of-the-art clinical and translational research of maximum public health benefit and scientific impact. DCTS is actively involved in collaborative activities in clinical medicine, decision science, and statistical methodology development.  Within its available resources, DCTS provides the resources required to pursue the following objectives in support of the overall goals of the CCTS.

  • Contribute to the enhancement and further development of the clinical and translational (CT) research infrastructure both within the CCTS and across UTHealth.
  • Develop short term and long-term collaborations between clinical/translational investigators and members of our CCTS network of experts in biostatistics, epidemiology and research design.
  • Contribute to the formal training and mentoring of the next generation of CT scientists with the necessary biostatistics, epidemiology and research design skills they need to be successful.
  • Contribute to advances in biostatistics, epidemiology and study design of clinical and translational research.