Infectious Diseases Education


Faculty members in the infectious diseases division provide medical students, internal medicine house staff and ID fellows with the opportunity to obtain information on basic microbiology, diagnostic bacteriology and virology, appropriate use of antimicrobial agents, host factors important to pathogenesis of infection, clinical diagnosis and management of infectious illness, including HIV, infection control procedures in the prevention of nosocomial infections and antibiotic stewardship. Regular student/house staff/fellow conferences are conducted to provide the medical students, internal medicine residents and ID fellows the opportunity to acquire the principles of diagnosis and management of infectious diseases.

A busy consultative service has been established at Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center where a fellow in infectious diseases, two medical residents, and two fourth-year medical students make up a team under the direction of one of the faculty members. Faculty are also active in teaching at LBJ hospital, Thomas Street Health Center (HIV care), UT Professional Building (outpatient ID) and the West Loop Clinic (travel medicine). Our colleagues at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center have four consultative teaching services: Hematology, Solid Tumors, ICU, and Leukemia.

Division of Infectious Diseases faculty have frequently been awarded the Dean’s Teaching Award for teaching excellence.


Faculty of the Division of Infectious Diseases conduct a wide range of well funded research. The Division also has strong collaborative relationships with colleagues in other schools and departments that bring together multi-disciplinary research teams to investigate the problems of infectious diseases. One of the cross collaborative efforts is the Center for the Study of Emerging and Re-emerging Pathogens which includes faculty in the Department of Micro and Molecular Genetics, Department of Pathology, and the Department of Pediatrics. Another collaborative effort brings together faculty of both UT and Baylor Medical Schools and the UT School of Public Health. Basic and clinical research in the division includes studies of the mechanisms and molecular epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance, fungal diseases, bacterial pathogenesis, diarrheal diseases including cryptosporidium, pharmacokinetics, and HIV/AIDS. Funding sources for this research include NIH, pharmaceutical companies and other grants. Colleagues at MD Anderson Cancer Center are likewise well funded and productive in research.

Infectious Diseases Fellows are encouraged to pick a research mentor early in their fellowship. Fellows are expected to complete a project during their first year in time to submit an abstract to either the annual meeting of the Infectious Disease Society of America or the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. Fellows’ abstracts are frequently accepted for presentation and travel grants are commonly awarded.

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