Sylvia Villarreal and Anson Koshy book released

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
December 14, 2023

Arun on the Run was released by Bumblebee Books at the end of November 2023. The book was written by Sylvia Villarreal, MEd, MPH, and Anson Koshy, MD, MBE. In the book, Villarreal and Koshy tell the story of Arun, a first-grade student whose teacher, Mrs. Murphy, reaches out to his family to help Arun find strategies to calm his busy body and brain. Readers gain an understanding of ADHD from the perspectives of Arun, his teacher, his physicians, and his family.

Villarreal is adjunct faculty with the McGovern Center and formerly directed the Sacred Vocation Program. Koshy is artist-in-residence and core faculty with the McGovern Center, directing the Arts and Resilience and GME in Humanities and Ethics programs, and is a developmental pediatrician with Texas Children’s Hospital. Both authors wrote the story, and Koshy was the illustrator.