Postdoctoral Fellowship

In 2013, the McGovern Center started its Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in medical humanities and bioethics. Fellows work with the Center for two years and are provided with opportunities to apply the humanities to healthcare through teaching, research, and scholarship. Our fellows teach in Center electives, such as Introduction to Medical Humanities and Humanistic Elements of Medicine, facilitate small groups in ethics courses across the university, and develop their own courses, such as “Doctors in Medicine,” “Quackery in Medical History,” and “Lived Experiences of Illness.”

To date, the Center has welcomed seven postdoctoral fellows.

  • Timothy Houk Timothy Houk, PhD, MA

    Faculty, Department of Philosophy, College of the Sequoias

  • Christine Wieseler Christine Wieseler, PhD, MA

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Skidmore College

  • Alina Bennett Alina Bennett, PhD, MPH, MA

    Regional Ethicist, Kaiser Permanente
    Lecturer, Department of Health Sciences, California State University, East Bay

  • Keisha Ray Keisha Ray, PhD

    Assistant Professor, McGovern Center for Humanities & Ethics, UTHealth

  • Woods Nash Woods Nash, PhD, MPH

    Faculty, Medicine & Society Program in The Honors College, University of Houston

  • Claire Clark Claire Clark, PhD, MPH

    Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral Science, University of Kentucky

  • Ben Saxton Ben Saxton, PhD

    Faculty, Bard Early College
    Adjunct Faculty, Program in Medical Ethics & Human Values, Tulane University School of Medicine