Quality Enhancement Plan

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) should enhance student learning in some significant and measurable way, often building upon existing or emerging efforts within colleges or schools. The McGovern Center has been involved in coordinating and developing two QEPs on behalf of UTHealth Houston.

Our institution’s first QEP was “Beyond Silos: Enhancing Ethics Education in and across the Health Professions,” and built upon the Center’s former Campus-Wide Ethics Program. The plan was directed by Thomas Cole, PhD, coordinated by Nathan Carlin, PhD, and included other members of the McGovern Center, including Angela Gomez, EdD, MBA, MS.

UTHealth Houston’s current QEP is “Healthcare Policy for Health Professionals,” abbreviated HP2. The goals of this plan are to strengthen existing health policy curricula; develop new learning opportunities across UTHealth; implement, assess, and refine these new initiatives; and ensure the long-term sustainability of our health policy education. The Campus-Wide Humanities & Ethics Program (CWHEP), which includes faculty representation from all six UTHealth Houston schools, is executing this QEP under the leadership of co-directors Sandy McKay, MD, FAAP, and Angela Gomez, EdD, MBA, MS.