Arts & Resilience

NOTE: In accordance with UTHealth policy related to COVID-19, remaining performances of the 2019-2020 year were cancelled; however, virtual resources are available.

In collaboration with the Office of the Dean at McGovern Medical School, the McGovern Center co-sponsors the Arts and Resilience Program. This program is one of many responses to alarming levels of burnout and demoralization among faculty and students in academic health centers. As researchers in faculty health have shown, even short engagements with highly accomplished fiction writers, musicians, actors, painters, poets, filmmakers, and other artists bring relief from the relentless pressure of research, education, and clinical care.

Opening art opens the mind and the heart. It stimulates curiosity, intuition, awe, emotional connection. Art enhances well-being and strengthens resiliency.

Arts and Resilience is also sponsored by UTHealth Wellness.