• Hosting special lectures in public health and medicine;
  • Implementation of an Adopt-a-Resident program in cooperation with a local retirement community;
  • Continuation of the Compassionate Care curriculum for 240 medical students;
  • Discussion guides for films used in Ethics: Historical Lessons;
  • Renewal of small grants program with awards to five researchers representing nursing, dentistry, medicine, and are interprofessional in nature;
  • Establishment of a post-doctoral program in medical humanities;
  • Creation of a simulation required of all medical students; and
  • Hosting of an annual symposium attended by students and faculty.


  • Directing three ethics courses: Ethics in Public Health, Ethical Dimensions
    of the Biomedical Sciences, and Introduction to Ethics and Professionalism;
  • Continued implementation of The Brewsters;
  • Expansion of Art of Observation to include students from Dentistry;
  • Conference on interprofessional ethics: Ethics as the Core of the Curriculum:
    Innovations In Interprofessional Ethics Education (June 1-2, 2013);
  • Development of courses at the School of Biomedical Informatics;
  • Development of Landmark Cases in Health Law elective course at the Medical School;
  • Creation of a small grants program through the Campus-Wide Ethics Program; and
  • Hosting a student symposium for students at UTHealth, Texas Tech Law School, and UTMB.


  • Implementation of Public Health Ethics course at the School of Public Health;
  • Improvements to the Ethical Dimensions of the Biomedical Sciences course
    at the Graduate School;
  • Development of The Brewsters;
  • Modification of the Introduction to Ethics and Professionalism course at the Medical School;
  • Implementation and expansion of interprofessional seminar on memoirs of mental illness;
  • Interprofessional Ethics course exploring historical lessons of ethics;
  • Gathering more assessment data and refining assessment strategies;
  • Addition of ethics content to Clinical Applications course at the Medical School;
  • Expansion and revision to the Compassionate Care Curriculum at the Medical School; and
  • Ethics and Technology Workshop at the School of Nursing.


  • “Foundations of Health Professional Ethics” (a Faculty Seminar);
  • Interprofessional Ethics course on the Holocaust;
  • Grand Rounds at the Dental Branch;
  • Interprofessional Ethics Grand Rounds at UTHealth;
  • Development of three foundational modules in interprofessional
    ethics education;
  • Development of Public Health Ethics course;
  • Development of just-in-time Research Ethics module;
  • Development of Interprofessional Ethics cases;
  • Gathering more assessment data and refining assessment strategies; and
  • “Social Justice and the Health Professions” Conference (June 2, 2011).