Program Phases

The Sacred Vocation Program© has three phases:

Phase I: Recognizing Work as Sacred Vocation

To increase workers’ knowledge of work as a sacred vocation and establish the connectedness of work and self. This is accomplished through five sessions and a graduation ceremony.

Phase II: Reorganizing Work as Sacred Vocation

Through a participatory action process, we change work processes to allow staff to experience work as sacred vocation. To do this, we conduct five sessions and help employees recommend work environment changes to management in order to support work as sacred vocation.

Phase III: Sustainability

Using the Sacred Vocation Action Plan© as a blueprint, staff and management meet in a series of sessions to build the institutional presence of the SVP.

All phases are led by a trained facilitator and each program is customized to fit the uniqueness of your organization. We also have several tools that will measure the effectiveness of the program at your site.