Graduates & Research

Each year, our fourth-year students complete a research project that explores a topic of their choosing related to the medical humanities. Recent graduates’ research projects are listed below with accompanying presentations.

We also encourage our students to consider publishing their work and research. Medical humanities students have published reflections written during third-year journaling, collaborated on essays with faculty, and submitted opinion pieces to various publications. Those interested in publishing may want to consider some of these medical student publication venues.

Final Humanities Projects by the Class of 2023
Student Title
James Burden Politically Adverse Experiences – How Waves of Anti-trans Legislation Are Exacerbating the Adversity and Mental Health Crisis Faced by Trans Youth
Joshua Chen Mr. Biden: Can You Cure Mental Illness? A Comparison of Policy on Cancer and Mental Illness
Grant Cox Uninsured Status’s Effect on Primary Care and Stroke
Emily Erwin The Psychological Impacts of Orthopedic Surgeries and the Current Support for These Outcomes
Amaryllis Fernandes The Changing Landscape of Medical Education: Burnout and Its Antidote, Professional Development
Pallavi Ganapathi The Limitations of the Western Biomedical Approach in Addressing the Intergenerational Trauma of South Asian Immigrants
Fariha Hameed Medical Specialty and Life Impact
Swetha Jayavelu Living with Anorectal Malformations – What Happens After the Surgery?
Ethan Lau Normalizing Conversations Regarding Death and Dying
Spandana Mandaloju Diversity in Medicine and Social Media: How Can We Improve?
Amanda Maxwell Gender Glasses
Marisa McDow The Physician Divide: Analyzing the Gender and Geographical Differences of Physicians within the National Football League
Hunter McSpedden A Historical Exploration of Female Sexual Dysfunction and Current Approaches
Lauren Miller Bodies as Battlegrounds: How Abortion Bans Disproportionately Affect Women of Color and Women of Low Socioeconomic Status
Seena Ounsinegad Sexual Experiences and Mental Health in Men: The Ganymede Study
Joshua Rosenthal What Is to Be Done: Emotional Trauma in Physicians
Bethany Russell Putting Family into Medicine, the Changing Plight of Starting a Family as a Womb Bearer in Medicine
Emily Shen Zooming into Residency: A Review of Stressors in In-person vs. Virtual Residency Interviews
Fatema Shipchandler A Return Home: The Evolution of Healthcare Delivery
Ashley Thornhill The Prevalence and Variance of Imposter Syndrome in McGovern Medical School Students
Juliana Zhang Qualitative Analysis of Barriers to Mental Health Services Amongst Members of a Local Asian American and Pacific Islander Healthcare Community