Graduates & Research

Each year, our fourth-year students complete a research project that explores a topic of their choosing related to the medical humanities. Recent graduates’ research projects are listed below with accompanying presentations.

We also encourage our students to consider publishing their work and research. Medical humanities students have published reflections written during third-year journaling, collaborated on essays with faculty, and submitted opinion pieces to various publications. Those interested in publishing may want to consider some of these medical student publication venues.

Class of 2022

Student Project Title
Brady Anderson An Arabic Glossary of Common Otolaryngologic Vocabulary
Jonathan Bass The Opioid Epidemic: More Than a Medical Issue
Mariaelena Boyle American Healthcare: The Path We Are On
Avram Bukhbinder Disability as a Dimension of Diversity: The Dearth of Disability Representation in Undergraduate Medical Education
Aditi Chalise A Comparison Between the American and Cuban Healthcare Systems
Christina Danna Humanistic Descriptions of Substance Use Disorder: A Review and Analysis of Beautiful Boy and Tweak
Nicholas Davidson Impact of World War I on the Medical Field
Stephen Glombicki Jewish View on a Career in Medicine
Colin Goodman How Should We Conceptualize the Psychiatric Patient? An Aristotelian Response
Anam Haque Does Provider Gender and Race Impact Healthcare Outcomes for Black Women?
Avery Hebert Gender Disparities within the Surgical Residency Training Experience
Vanessa Hernandez Concordant Care and How It Affects Underrepresented Physicians
Bisma Ikram Caring for Muslim Patients
Morgan Lynch An Expansion of the Imposter Syndrome Definition
Manon Masson Autonomy and Consent in the Adolescent Population
Madison Meek The Psychological Toll of a Global Pandemic: The Mental Health Consequences for Healthcare Professionals
Ava Mirtsching The Negative Impact of Social Isolation and Loneliness on Mental Health within Elderly Communities
Veronica Morgan Vaccine Hesitancy Then and Now: A Comparison
Ali Noorbaksh The Incorporation of Architecture and Design Principles into Healthcare
Romil Patel The Burden of Infertility: A South Asian Perspective
Katie Phung Addressing Burnout Through Grief
Nicole Poling Strategies for Teaching Death and Dying in Medical Education
Thejasvi Reddy The Role of Interpersonal Communication Skills in Medical Training
Carson Savrick Health Disparities in the LGBTQIA+ Community and the Role of Medical Education
Katherine Stebbins Cultural Humility and Its Role in Obstetric Care
Eliora Tesfaye Music Therapy, Performance, and Physician-Musicians: How the Art of Listening and Performing Intersect with Medicine and the Health of Patients and Physicians
Jeffrey Woods Defending the Biopsychosocial Model of Medicine
Denise Zheng Art and Its Multifaceted Roles of Understanding and Managing Psychiatric Illnesses