Arun on the Run

Arun on the Run was released on November 30, 2023, by Bumblebee Books (a children’s imprint of Olympia Publishers). The book was written by Sylvia Villarreal, MEd, MPH, and Anson Koshy, MD, MBE, and illustrated by Koshy.

Arun Basu is so excited to be in first grade! New friends, different classroom activities, so much to learn. But sometimes Arun’s busy body and brain get him crossways with his teacher and classmates. When Mrs. Murphy reaches out to his parents, his mother, Sahana, is concerned. But his father, Raghu, thinks Arun’s teacher just needs better control of her classroom. Join the Basu family as they navigate a new understanding of how Arun works best. Help is always nearby as Arun learns fascinating things about his own body, along with ways to center and calm himself. The Basu family also gains a new perspective on things as they realize that they too, have a lot to learn from their boy.