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Connecting To Webmail Via Citrix

These instructions will help users connect to the Citrix version of UTHealth webmail.

These instructions may be needed only if you are working at a Harris Health facility where UTHealth webmail’s normal address is being blocked by Harris Health. You should not need these instructions while in other locations.

Step 1: Connect To The UTHealth Citrix Server

Using Google Chrome or some other browser, go to the following web address to begin:

Step 2: Protected Resource Page

Click the Access Citrix Applications Here button.

UTHealth Citrix "Protected Resource" page, with arrow indicating to click the "Access Citrix Applications Here" button onscreen.

Step 3: Select Exchange Online Email

Sign in to the Citrix portal using your UTHealth username and password.

UTHealth Citrix login page, indicating to sign into the portal using one's username and password.

Step 4: Select Webmail

Click on the icon marked Exchange Online non-Kiosk. (NOTE: The onscreen location of the Exchange Online icon will vary for individual users.)

An example UTHealth Citrix portal page, with arrow and highlight box pointing to the "Exchange Online non-Kiosk" icon that lets the user access webmail through the portal.

In most browsers, the Exchange Online sign in box will pop up automatically.

However, if you receive a download in your browser immediately after clicking on the Exchange Online icon, you should click on the download to manually open the Exchange Online sign in screen.

Screenshot of the UTHealth Citrix portal entry page, with arrow pointing to the location on page where downloads of Citrix ICA files may appear, so they can be clicked on if necessary.

Step 5: Sign In To Exchange Online Email

1. Type in your UTHealth email address.

2. Click the Next Button.

Image showing where to type in one's email address to enter webmail, and where to click on the Next button.

3. Enter your UTHealth password.

4. Click the Sign In button.

Image showing where to enter one's password and the location of the Sign In button.

If prompted to Stay Signed In, 5) check the checkbox marked Don’t Show This Again and 6) click the Yes button.

Image showing how to check the "don't show this again" checkbox on the "Stay Signed In" screen, and where to click the Yes button to confirm this choice.

Step 6: Enter The Webmail Screen

At this point you should see the UTHealth webmail screen, which is the same webmail interface used elsewhere. If you need help using the webmail interface, you can click the Question Mark (?) icon in the upper right hand corner of the webmail screen to learn more about how to use it.

An example screenshot of the UTHealth webmail screen, as viewed in the UTHealth Citrix portal, with arrow and highlight box showing where the Help Menu is located onscreen.

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