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Connecting To Webex Meetings Via Citrix Webmail

These instructions will help users open UTHealth Webex meetings on their local computer while using the Citrix version of UTHealth webmail. Users cannot properly join Webex meetings within the Citrix environment, but users can copy and paste the meeting links into their local desktop browser and enter the meeting from there.

These instructions may be needed only if you are working at a Harris Health facility where UTHealth webmail’s normal address is being blocked by Harris Health. You should not need these instructions while in other locations.

Before You Begin

Connect to the UTHealth Citrix Portal, load Webmail, and locate the relevant Webex meeting email that you want to open on your local computer.

Step 1: Open The Webex Meeting Email Notification

Inside the UTHealth Citrix Webmail Portal interface, double-click on the Webex Meeting Email notification you received and open it.

An image advising to click on a Webex meeting invitation email within the UTHealth Citrix Webmail portal.

Step 2: Locate The Meeting Link In The Email

Scroll down through the email to locate the meeting link.

An image advising to scroll down within a Webex meeting invitation email in the UTHealth Citrix Webmail portal.

Step 3: Copy the Meeting Link

Look for a link below the phrase Join from the meeting link, then right click on that link and select the option called Copy Link.

An image advising to right click and copy a link in the Join From The Meeting Link part of a Webex Meeting invitation email, as seen within the UTHealth Citrix Webmail portal.

Step 4: Paste The Link Into Your Local Desktop Browser

Switch from the UTHealth Citrix Webmail Portal to your local computer’s web browser, paste the meeting link into the Harris Health desktop browser’s address bar, and press the ENTER key to go to that link.

An email showing where to paste a link in a browser on one's local computer after having copied the link from within the UTHealth Citrix Webmail portal.

Step 5: Join The Webex Meeting

When the Webex meeting page appears, click the Join Meeting button to enter the meeting.

An email showing the location of the Join Meeting button inside a Webex interface, and advising the user to click that button.

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