Information for Patients

New Patients

We treat people with multiple sclerosis or one of the many related autoimmune or inflammatory diseases of the brain or spinal cord. Your physician’s office can make a referral by calling our clinic at 832-325-7080.

It is very helpful if you bring your medical records and copies of any MRI images on a CD with you to your first appointment. This eliminates duplication of laboratory testing and delays in waiting for information to make a plan. We are particularly interested in having copies of results of any blood tests or spinal fluid tests. We also want to review the MRI images in addition to the reports.

Existing Patients

Keeping up with patient phone calls, prescription refills, and prior authorizations for medicines or procedures is an increasingly difficult task and requires a lot of time from the office staff. Many of the MS medicines are very expensive, and insurance companies are continually making it harder for us to treat patients as we think best. We are continually working to provide timely service in this area.

The best contact number for the clinic staff is 832-325-7440. Backup contact information if you do not get a timely response is 713-500-7029.  You may also reach out to your provider using the UTHealth Neuroscience patient portal at

New symptoms that affect ability to do usual activities are always concerning, and usually need to be evaluated in person in clinic. Staying on treatment with a disease modifying drug for MS is also a priority.