Information for Referring Physicians

The physicians in the Division of Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology are experts in the management of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system. The majority of our patients have MS, but we also treat large numbers of patients with neuromyelitis optica, neurosarcoid, antibody-mediated encephalopathies, and a variety of other related diseases. Many of the current treatments for MS have significant risks and side effects, and we have extensive experience in managing these and are comfortable doing so.

We are particularly interested in seeing patients at first presentation and early in the disease course, since prompt initiation of appropriate treatment can make a large difference in long term outcome. But we are happy to see any patient that you think would benefit from our expertise. In June, 2018, we added a fourth faculty member that is full time clinical, so currently we can see referrals promptly.

We can either assume care of the patients that you refer, see them for a single consultation, or manage them in coordination with the referring physician. Just let us know your intention at the time of referral.

To refer a patient, you can call 832-325-7090 or email If there is any difficulty or delay, you can contact the division director, Dr. Lindsey, at

It is helpful if the patient’s medical records and MRI images are available at the time of their clinic visit. Medical records can be faxed to 713-512-2239 ahead of the clinic appointment, or copies given to the patient to bring with them.