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June 23, 2018
7:30 amBreakfast With Exhibitors
8:00 amWelcome (Amber Luong, MD, PhD)
8:10 amIntroduction of Guest Speaker (Ronda Alexander, MD)
8:15 amInnovations in laryngeal surgery: Part 1 (Steven Zeitels, MD)
9:10 amQ&A
9:15 amUpdate on UT residency program (Ronda Alexander, MD)
9:30 amUT pediatric ORL-HNS airway experience (Uma Ramaswamy, MD)
9:40 amAnalysis of sinonasal microbiota in exacerbations of chronic rhinosinusitis subgroups (Laura Vandelaar, MD)
9:50 amBreak with exhibitors
10:20 amCase presentations (Ronda Alexander, MD, moderator)
10:50 amAlternative payment models: implications for ORL (Martin J. Citardi, MD)
11:10 amLaryngeal imaging: from candlelight to the infinity within (Ronda Alexander, MD)
11:30 amLunch with exhibitors
12:10 pmAccuracy of balloon sinus dilation of the maxillary sinus (Brett Jensen, MD)
12:20Long-term quality of life in patients with sinonasal skull base malignancies (Matthew Tyler, MD)
12:30 pm The metamorphosis of glottic cancer and the treatment implications (Ron Karni, MD, moderator; Steven Zeitels, MD, panelist; Ronda Alexander, MD, panelist; Soham Roy, MD, panelist)
1:10 pmInnovations in laryngeal surgery: Part 2 (Steven Zeitels, MD)
1:55 pmQ&A
2:00 pmDeparting words


Course Directors
Ronda Alexander, MD
Amber Luong, MD, PhD
Guest of Honor
Steven Marc Zeitels, MD
UTHealth ORL Faculty
Ibrahim Alava, MD
Martin J. Citardi, MD
Ron Karni, MD