12:00-12:55Registration and Lunch
12:55-1:00Welcoming Remarks and Introduction of Speaker
Amber U. Luong, MD, PhD, William Yao, MD; Martin Citardi, MD
1:00-1:45Office Rhinology
Peter Hwang, MD
1:45-2:00Predicting Sinonasal Inverted Papilloma Attachment Using Machine Learning
Sean McKee, MD
2:00-2:30Treatment of Nasal Obstruction
Panelists: Martin Citardi, MD; Peter Hwang, MD; Amber Luong, MD, PhD; William Yao, MD

Moderator: Brian Cameron, MD
2:30-2:45Dural Sinus Narrowing in Patients with Anterior Skull Base Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks
Karim Asi, MD
3:15-3:30The Use of Bovine Derived Collagen Matrix in the Treatment of Empty Nose Syndrome
Brian Cameron, MD
3:30-4:00Complex Sinus Cases
Panelists: Martin Citardi, MD; Peter Hwang, MD; Amber Luong, MD,PhD; William Yao, MD

Moderator: Sean McKee, MD
4:00-4:15Three-Dimensional Printed Models to Accelerate Resident Surgical Learning Curve for Standard Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Techniques
Jumah Ahmed, MD
4:15-5:00Pathways to Medical Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned from Silicon Valley
Peter Hwang, MD
5:00-5:05Q&A Session and Closing Remarks
Amber U. Luong, MD, PhD