Visiting Residents

Residents interested in participating in elective rotations at The McGovern Medical School at UTHealth must submit the information requested on the Excel spreadsheet directly to the training program with which you wish to rotate for consideration.  Initially send a letter of request from your program director with the elective dates, your name, PG Year, faculty member you would like to spend time with, and contact information. If the program is willing to consider the request, an excel spreadsheet will be sent to the resident to be completed.  The program coordinator will then enter the Rotator’s information into our residency management system called New Innovations (NI).  NI will send an email to the Rotator with instructions to complete the actual application documents within the NI system. The individual will NOT be able to start the rotation unless ALL items requested have been submitted. A Texas Medical Board training permit must be obtained before the resident can start the rotation. There is also an approval form within the system for both the home program and the UT program to complete as part of the application process.  If you are coming from outside of Texas, you must start the process at least six months in advance of your rotation dates.

The following conditions and guidelines are required for approval:

  1. Space Availability. Participation in any elective rotation will be allowed on a space-available basis. Selection dates must have final approval from host department program director at least 90 days in advance.
  2. Status/Eligibility. Visiting residents must be currently enrolled in an ACGME or AOA accredited training program and have completed the necessary training and didactic work for the service they want to work. We do not accept residents for visiting rotations from any other kind of program in or outside of the United States.
  3. Proof of drug test. Evidence of an occupational drug screen must be supplied.
  4. Proof of Criminal Background Check. Your program can simply supply a memo that states you were subjected to a criminal background check and cleared it. It must include a date that that the check was completed.
  5. Influenza Clearance. Documentation of current influenza season vaccine. This would be in September or later for each season.
  6. Health Clearance. Visiting residents & fellows must submit documentation of immunizations or reports showing positive results of antibody titers for immunity to Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and Rubella. A positive antibody titer is REQUIRED for Chicken Pox (Varicella), and an annual Tuberculin skin test taken within six months of the start date of rotation is also required.
  7. Proof of current ACLS Provider Certification. You must supply proof that you hold a current certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Healthcare Providers. The certification must be from an approved provider that displays the AHA logo on the certification. Check with the UT program you wish to visit and upload a current certification as requested.
  8. Personal Health Insurance. Visiting residents must include in New Innovations proof of personal health insurance.
  9. License/Training Permit. Visiting residents outside of the state of Texas, who do not have their own Texas medical license, must complete the rotator physician in training permit application. Your program coordinator should contact the Texas Medical Board directly at and ask for instructions on how to apply for the rotator permit at least 90 days before the planned start date of the rotation. Participation in an elective rotation is contingent upon visiting resident’s ability to obtain the applicable training permit.
  10. Malpractice Insurance. Proof of professional medical liability with coverage amounts no less than $100,000/claim and $300,000/aggregate must be submitted with the application. NO MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE UNIVERSITY. Military Residents must submit a proof of coverage letter that shows they are protected when working with general public in a non-military setting.
  11. Affiliation Agreement/Program Letter of Agreement. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston requires an up-to-date affiliation agreement with the Home institution prior to the visitor’s participation in our training programs. The Home Institution should initiate this process with the UTHealth Program. The UT Program will in turn work with the GME Office for final approval.
  12. Housing. Housing, travel, parking and meals are not provided.

After completion of the necessary paperwork feel free to contact Paula Neal at or 713-500-6185 if you should have any questions regarding your rotation.