Celiac Disease Program

The Celiac Disease Program at UT Pediatrics provides a multidisciplinary service for the care of children with celiac disease. With our team of experts, we offer resources and personalized care based on your family’s needs.

Through the Celiac Disease program at UT Pediatrics, your family will meet with a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist and a registered dietician and receive care tailored to your child’s needs. Our team provides laboratory and endoscopy services for diagnosis and management, as well as access to a board-certified pediatric psychiatrist as needed to optimize care. Children will receive personalized dietary counseling to help with transitioning to a gluten free diet and to address any issues while maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping children and families through every step of diagnosis and management of celiac disease.


To make an appointment, please contact the pediatric GI clinic at: 832-325-6516

To refer a patient with possible celiac disease, please fax referral information to: 713-512-7105