General Rehabilitation Services

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Program strives to provide the highest quality of care for a wide variety of patients at clinical campuses across Houston: Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center (TMC), Memorial Hermann Southwest and Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital.  We provide a wide range of services that are designed to help restore function to patients in the greater Houston area.

  • Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital
  • Memorial Hermann – Southwest
  • Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center
  • TIRR Memorial Hermann Woodlands

One of the primary objectives of the PM&R program is to provide unparalleled excellence in what is known as post-acute care for patients at the hospital. Post-acute care involves the long term decision making and medical care of patients who are involved in catastrophic illness, major trauma, head injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, cancer, amputee, organ transplantations and the effects of prolonged hospitalizations. The PM&R program is the leader of this post-acute care –  a complex and emerging area of medicine.

Post-acute care begins with consultation of the PM&R physicians onto the case. This is initiated by the physicians who handle the case in the acute hospital. When a patient’s acute care needs are anticipated as being met, but the patient remains too complicated to be discharged home, the PM&R physician (physiatrist), is consulted to help make the decision as to what the patient’s needs are at that time and how they can achieve the most independence possible.

At this time, the decision may be made to transfer the patient under the care of the PM&R program, to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.  Inpatient Rehab, as the unit is known by, is a medical floor devoted to post-acute medical care while the patient undergoes intensive therapy services from physical (PT), occupational (OT), and speech therapy (ST). Our inpatient rehabilitation units are known for taking on complex and difficult cases, and take pride in being able to rehabilitate some of the most challenging patients seen in Houston, Texas.