Sports Medicine & Spine Program

The UTHealth Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sports Medicine and Spine program, founded in 2016, seeks to provide excellence in individualized care for patients with joint and spine pain. We provide care at several locations in Houston, TX:  Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center, Memorial Hermann Orthopedic and Spine Hospital (Bellaire) and Memorial Hermann Sugarland. Our physicians perform extensive neurologic and orthopedic evaluations, investigate the possible etiologies for joint and spine pain, and develop a multifaceted treatment plan, with the goals of helping patients return to their functional baseline and comprehensive management of joint and spine pain. We utilize a combination of physical and occupational therapies, judiciously use of analgesic medications, perform diagnostic testing (such as nerve conduction studies/electromyography NCS/EMG and musculoskeletal ultrasound), perform image guided spine/joint injection and regenerative medicine procedures when indicated, to effectively and thoroughly manage joint and spine pain.