Frequently Asked Questions: 

Question: How do we ensure young adults continue to make progress after the treatment ends?

Answer: We provide resources from the community to ensure young adults have access to resources to maintain progress. We also provide an optional family session to discuss progress, provide data visualization of responses to questionnaires, and discuss what continued resources are needed for each family. Finally, we also provide optional ongoing monthly sessions with young adults who need continued follow-up after the treatment ends.

Q: Do you accept health insurance?

A: Yes, we accept most health insurance. Please contact our front desk for more information on health insurance: (713) 486-2700

Q: Can parents or young adults continue participating in the program after the ten weeks?

A: Yes, parents and young adults are encouraged to support the program by participating as parent and young adult advocates and representatives of the program. This ensures the programs continue to meet the needs of this population.