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Treatment-Resistant Depression Clinic

The Treatment-Resistant Depression Clinic offers second opinion assessments and treatment to those suffering from major depressive disorder who have not responded to previous efforts. Considered treatment-resistant or refractory, patients, and often their families, may give up, become non-compliant or discontinue treatment with severe consequences. Second opinions become beneficial to clarify or confirm a patient’s diagnosis, obtain a better understanding of current symptoms and behaviors, as well as receive recommendations for follow-up treatment.

Our clinic provides cutting-edge technologies and resources in a single location to improve personalized treatment, enhance care coordination, and expand accessibility. Our mental health professionals — who are dedicated to the study and treatment of treatment-resistant disorders as members of the Center of Excellence on Mood Disorders in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences — are highly trained in innovative, evidence-based therapies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), ketamine, and deep brain stimulation (DBS).

After patients are referred by their current psychiatrist, our team of experts will complete a second opinion assessment, which includes a thorough review of their medical history, previous treatments, and comorbid psychiatric and non-psychiatric conditions. Patients will also receive pharmacogenomic testing to understand their metabolism and response to the pharmacological treatments. We will then design a treatment strategy in close coordination with the referring psychiatrist.

Our goal is to offer hope to patients, giving them the opportunity to thrive in life.

Services include:

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Meet our Team:

Dr. Soares_mood disorders

Jair C. Soares, MD, PhD

Dr. de Quevedo treatment-resistant mood disorders

Joao L. De Quevedo, MD, PhD

Dr. Marsal Sanches

Marsal Sanches, MD,PhD, FAPA

Bobby Nix, M.D.

Bobby Nix, MD