Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine (TCHATT)

The TCHATT Program is designed to deliver telemedicine services to public school students experiencing a mental health crisis. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of social workers, psychologists, mental health nurse practitioners, child psychiatrists, and community health workers who work together to provide a rapid assessment, triage, stabilization, and connection to community based providers. The team works to assess the student and collect needed information from the referring school counselor and family members to better understand the social context and events that precipitated the crisis.

The TCHATT team works to identify referral sources individualized to the student and work with the student’s family to ensure service access and connection.  We ensure that the coordination between school, student, family, and community provider is collaborative, family centered, and committed to an agreed upon treatment plan.

A sample of the types of students who would benefit from TCHATT services include those who:

  • were previously high functioning, and are now struggling to pay attention and engage, and are exhibiting self-harm or depressive, disengaged behavior
  • were impacted by COVID 19, and their depression has escalated such that they are now writing about morbid themes and talking about death in class
  • have a known history of aggression and although previously stabilized with treatment they are now experiencing rapidly escalating disciplinary infractions
  • may always have been introverted but now are talking to themselves and exhibiting a several week long decline in self-care, hygiene, and other students are complaining about them

Services include:

  • Assessment and Triage – Our team can meet with students to help provide services in the short term, perform assessments to determine the need for medication and help identify appropriate service referrals
  • Connections to Care – We work with local resources to help identify the most appropriate resources for students, and then work with the family and the service provider to make sure access to services is an easy process
  • Brief Interventions – Accessing needed mental health care in the community can prove challenging when a youth is already in the midst of a crisis. Our clinicians can provide a brief intervention when and where a student in crisis needs assistance up until the initial appointment with a community-based provider.

*If your student is experiencing an emergency, please follow your district protocol. Please be aware that TCHATT is not able to guarantee same day appointments*

*Please note TCHATT is an access to care program, designed to provide short-term services to resolve acute concerns while linking individuals and families to community-based providers*