What is TCHATT?

  • FREE access to a real-time multidisciplinary team of behavioral health experts, including social workers, and psychologists, as well as consultations with Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and Child Psychiatrists
  • Pre-crisis intervention for children with behavioral health concerns – intervening when children are experiencing acute mental health symptoms and preventing a decline and the need for more intense services
  • Assessment, brief intervention, and care coordination for through a telemedicine platform for students enrolled in your district
  • Services can occur through telemedicine to the school or to the student’s home


How does a student get referred to TCHATT?

  • School counselors submit referral information and obtain verbal consent from the parent or legal guardian via an electronic link – No printing required
  • TCHATT Team will reach out to the family to obtain consent and schedule an initial session
  • For sessions, students will need – smart phone, laptop, or PC, private space in their home or at school, an adult present in the home, or a counselor able to provide support for school settings


Which students can TCHATT serve?

  • Parents report concern that son stated, “I can’t do this anymore,” and he is now failing two classes. The same student’s friends showed a teacher a post on instagram where he posted, “I am so tired of everything” and they are worried, too.
  • Student has a history of aggression when ADHD is not well managed and is clearly off medication again and mom reports inability to get in for another appointment in the near future.
  • Parents are concerned that their daughter has been showing signs of depression and they have noticeable self-harm wounds on their arms.
  • Previously successful student is isolating themselves from friends and quit the volleyball team, parents are worried about drug use.


How do I contact TCHATT?