Online Classes

mother with laptopVisit Texas WIC for online classes in English and Spanish.

FAQ: Classes on

What do I need to do to complete my WIC class?

Click on “WIC class” select the class you would like to complete and follow the instructions. At the end of the class you will see a certificate – print and bring your certificate to your next WIC appointment to get credit for attending.

How many classes do I need to complete to get credit for attending my WIC class?

To get credit you only need to complete 1 class prior to your class appointment. (Each class certificate is valid for 3 months. If your class certificate is older than 3 months you may be asked to complete an additional class.)

What if I don’t have a printer available?

If a printer is unavailable write down the name of the class, the certificate number and the date and time you completed the class and bring that to your WIC appointment.