Graduate Medical Education Committee

  • Pamela Promecene-Cook, M.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education, ACGME Designated Institutional Official (DIO)  – Chair
  • Patricia M. Butler, M.D., Vice Dean, Educational Programs – Ex Officio
  • Bela Patel, M.D., Vice Dean, Healthcare Quality & Chief Safety Officer, MHH – Ex officio
  • Tien C. Ko, M.D., Associate Dean, Harris County Programs (LBJ Chief of Staff) – Ex Officio
  • Philip Orlander, M.D., Associate Dean, Educational Programs – Ex officio
  • Jeffrey Katz, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Memorial Hermann Hospital – Ex officio
  • Samuel Luber, M.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education – Ex officio
  • Allison R. Ownby, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Faculty & Educational Development – Ex officio
  • Jose Garcia, M.D., General Director AMS – Ex Officio
  • Jill Herrin, M.B.A., Director, Graduate Medical Education Office – Ex officio
  • Margaret O. Uthman, M.D., Associate Dean, Educational Programs – Ex officio

Other Invited Guests

  • Jacqueline Brooks, Program Manager/ACGME Institutional Coordinator
  • Kellie Loggins, Sr. Administrative Coordinator, GME Office
  • Catherine R. Thompson, Healthcare Risk Manager, Legal Affairs & Institutional Compliance
  • All Program Directors

Term Expires 2021

  • Sasha Adams, M.D., Surgery
  • Jeffrey Barr, M.D., Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
  • Joel E. Frontera, M.D., Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Jennifer L. Swails, M.D., Internal Medicine
  • Mark T. Warner, M.D., Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
  • Emma C. Ferguson, M.D., Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging
  • Michael W. Van Meter, M.D., Emergency Medicine
  • Travis Markham, M.D., Anesthesiology
  • Randa Jalloul, M.D., Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences
  • Wah Yu, M.D., Family Medicine
  • Hannah Smith, M.D., Emergency Medicine
  • Shivika Chandra, M.D., Neurology

Resident/Fellow Representatives

  • Karthik Bhandari, M.D., Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Avni Mody, M.D., Internal Medicine
  • Abin Puravath, M.D., Internal Medicine
  • Jill Semple, M.D., Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Fisayomi Shobayo, M.D., Internal Medicine

NOTE:  Standing members may send a representative in their place to the GMEC meetings, but after 3 consecutive absences without representation you will lose your membership on the GMEC.