AATS: Presidential Address, President David Adams discussed the importance of mentorship, avoiding complacency and the great equalizer: hard work. Photo by: AATS.

Thank you for your interest in our research program.  Our goal is to improve care for all patients with cardiothoracic and vascular health conditions.  The research programs with McGovern Medical School, Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at UTHealth, are focused on development of new knowledge in the origins and prevention of surgical complications, and on continuous innovation and improvement in quality of care.  Our patients benefit directly from our focus on innovation, and we prioritize the dissemination of discoveries through peer-reviewed publications in the medical literature and through our internationally prominent Houston Aortic Symposium.  Our group has published hundreds of research articles and continues to be at the forefront of many national cooperative research efforts.  A list of recent published articles for the group can be found at the link to the left of this page.  Complete publication history for each faculty member can be found on the faculty pages.

Our department has a growing basic science agenda and a vigorous clinical research program. Our faculty members have active research programs involving aortic diseases, cardiac valve disease, peripheral arterial disease, vascular trauma, vascular graft infection, hemodialysis access, thoracic outlet syndromes, and esophageal diseases. Our patient-based research is incorporated under the umbrella of the Clinical Science Program (CSP), which provides research structure and support to the various initiatives.