The Department has one of the world’s largest aortic surgery practices and as such is a major center for device development research.  There are a number of ongoing clinical trials at various stages of recruitment, enrollment, and completion.

Active Clinical Trials

  • A randomized controlled comparative study on effectiveness of endovascular repair versus best medical therapy for acute uncomplicated Type B aortic dissection. (ACUTE-B)
    PI: Charlton-Ouw
    Synopsis: Randomized Controlled Trial for patients who present with Acute Uncomplicated Type B Aortic Dissection. Single Center Trial.
  • ARISE: Evaluation of the GORE® Ascending Stent Graft in the Treatment of DeBakey Type I/II Aortic Dissection
    PI: Estrera
    Synopsis: Endovascular treatment of patients with DeBakey Type A Aortic Dissection with Gore Ascending Stent Graft, Feasibility Sponsored Trial.
  • Evaluation of the GORE® TAG® Thoracic Branch Endoprosthesis (TBE Device) in the Treatment of Lesions of the Aortic Arch and Descending Thoracic Aorta
    PI: Charlton-Ouw
    Synopsis: Endovascular treatment for patients who require coverage of aortic branch vessels to treat aortic dissection, aortic aneurysms, or Traumatic Aortic Injuries. Multi-center sponsored clinical trial.
  • GREAT (Global Registry for Endovascular Aortic Treatment Outcomes Evaluation)
    PI: Charlton-Ouw
    Synopsis: A registry to capture data on individuals with endovascular grafts.  Multi-center sponsored clinical trial.
  • ON-X Aortic Prosthetic Heart Valve Low Dose Warfarin Post Approval Clinical Registry Study
    PI Nguyen
    Synopsis: A registry to examine the performance of the On-X aortic valve using warfarin.  Multi-center sponsored clinical trial.
  • Thoraflex Hybrid IDE
    PI: Estrera
    Synopsis: A prospective study assessing the safety and clinical outcomes of the Thoraflex Hybrid Device in the treatment of aortic disease affecting the aortic arch and the descending thoracic aorta.
  • RelayPro Dissection
    PI: Charlton-Ouw
    Synopsis: A prospective, non-blinded, non-randomized study of the RelayPro Thoracic Stent-Graft in Subjects with an Acute, Complicated Type B Aortic Dissection
  • SAFE (Strategy for Active Follow-up Evaluation)
    PIs: Estrera/Charlton-Ouw
    Synopsis: A prospective study to track outcomes and surveillance of patients after arterial reconstructions
  • TAVR (Trans-aortic aortic valve replacement)
    PIs: Estrera/Smalling
    Synopsis: This study randomizes patients to either percutaneous aortic valve replacement or standard open surgical repair
  • BEST-CLI (Randomized, Multicenter, Controlled Trial to Compare Best Endovascular versus Best Surgical Therapy in Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia)
    PI: Azizzadeh
    Synopsis: This National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) sponsored study is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of best endovascular (EVT) compared to best surgical (OPEN) revascularization in patients with CLI

Recently Completed Clinical Trials

(Last Updated: October, 2018)