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or email- ms.csp@uth.tmc.edu

Texas Medical Center

Texas Medical Center

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Aerial photo of the Texas Medical Center taken Thursday, July 2, 2009.

The research division provides a hotline (713-486-5131) for all researchers and clinician-scientists within the department of CTVS who are actively engaged in clinical care or recruitment of patients who can be screened (and potentially enrolled) in one (or more) of our ongoing research studies.  This hotline is available for you to contact one of our research personnel in case you have a problem reaching someone specifically at their extension at office of CVSurgery research.

To assist you and your clinical team (clinical nursing staff, residents, fellows, and other trainees) with subject screening and patient enrollment in ongoing studies to discuss details of subject screening/enrollment or related queries that you need assistance with. Further details on ongoing clinical, sponsored, and industry research studies are available on our website: https://med.uth.edu/cvs/research/clinical-trials/

This hotline will be continuously monitored constantly and research personnel will be available to talk to you regarding the subject enrollment and screening criteria. This service is our attempt at providing physicians with comprehensive support and research coverage, even outside the hours of standard business operations including weekends. If you have a question or a potential patient for enrollment in a research study, call the Research Hotline (or email@ ms.csp@uth.tmc.edu) and provide a detailed message with a callback number including disease/protocol you need assistance with and just wait to receive a return call from an on-call research personnel with further details regarding your query or patient enrollment.-

If you have any questions regarding study design or new study protocols please send us an email inquiry. If you have any update or news regarding research, study update, achievements or accolades that you would like to share with us then please send us a note.