Clinical Safety and Effectiveness

2022 Graduation Presentations

Presenters Project Title
1. Fatima Boricha, MD Implementation of Sick Visit Follow-up Calls at the Neonatal High-Risk Clinic
2. Michael Boyars, MD Reducing the time to 1st dose ABX Administration in Medicine Units
3. Matthew Brown, MD, MS Reducing Delays in the Pediatric/Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Labs
4. William Ciozda, MD & Brittany Pelsue, PharmD Blood Pressure Management in Code Stroke Alerts in the Emergency Department
5. Allison Davidson, DO Hepatitis B Vaccination in the NICU
6. Vishal Demla, MD Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) and Resource Utilization
7. Sara Guzman-Reyes, MD and Travis Markham, MD Improvement of Opioid Sparing Process in PACU
8. Avni Kapadia, MD Increasing Adherence to Key Elements of the Stroke Clinical Pathway
9. Ann Marshburn, MD Improving Pediatric Oncology Pharmacy Process
10. Nada Mustafa, MD Improving Medication Reconciliation Timeliness and Decreasing Discrepancies on the Medical Floors at Memorial Hermann- Sugarland
11. Mary Russell, DO, MS Improving Onset of Antibiotic Administration Time at TIRR-TMC
12. Lilit Sargsyan, MD & Reeba Mathew, MD Optimizing Sleep Lab Utilization
13. Lavanya Sendos, MD Accurate Blood Pressure measurements in UTPB Endocrinology Clinic
14. Tala Shamsa-Gray, DO Improving MH-Cypress Case Mix Index with Documentation