How to Apply

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Interview Season!

To adapt to the 2020-2021 interview season, we have made several adjustments to our interview process. We hope these changes will reduce the burden and stress on applicants (who may be juggling more interviews than ever) while maintaining our commitment to equity.

– Applications will be reviewed holistically, which means no one will be excluded simply because of a single score, school, country of origin, etc. We will evaluate each applicant based on the features we have observed to predict 1) success in our program and 2) contribution to the mission of our institution. Both of these factors are considered in the context of competitiveness with our overall applicant pool.

– For years, we have used standardized questions which have been shown to reduce bias. This season, applicants selected for interview will be invited to record their answers to the standardized questions at their own convenience within one week of the invitation.

– With the recorded interview complete, you will then spend a day getting to know how special McGovern is in a small group setting with the program director, faculty, and residents. This will allow you to interact with us and one another, and have all your questions answered!

– If we have further questions regarding an applicant that couldn’t be answered during the asynchronous interview or group session, we may reach out for details after the interview. However, post-interview communication, second looks, visits to Houston, etc. on the part of the applicant are not expected, encouraged, or tracked. Please don’t overanalyze. We know it is an unusual interview season, but remember that we typically receive approximately 4,000 applications for 40 positions, so we would not have interviewed you if we weren’t already very impressed!

Program Requirements

  1. Applications are only accepted through ERAS.  Please do not mail, fax or email any information, it will not be incorporated into your file.
  2. Deadline for submitting your application is December 31, but most interview offers will be extended in October and November.
  3. We only sponsor J-1 visas. We cannot sponsor H-1b visas.
  4. All applicants must take the USMLE. We do not accept COMLEX as your only exam. All applicants should take both portions of the USMLE Part 2 by December 31st
  5. You must have a letter from the Dean of your Medical School and a letter from your department Chairman or designate. A letter from the Vice-Chair for Education or the Clerkship Director is acceptable.
  6. International Graduates should have at least 3 months of US clinical experience, which includes observerships. This requirement is flexible given the COVID pandemic.
  7. The program participates in the couples match. Please let us know if your partner has received an interview at our institution and you haven’t heard from us.
  8. There is no minimum score on USMLE, but we rarely interview applicants who have not passed all steps on the first attempt.
  9. We prefer recent medical school graduates, who perform better in our fast-paced program. We cannot consider applicants who graduated more than 5 years in the past.
  10. If your application is selected for an invitation to interview, you will be contacted via email. All applications submitted through ERAS will be reviewed.
  11. Document requirements for International Medical Graduates may be found here. Please do not bring or mail your documents until the Interview Day.

If you have any additional questions, you may email our Residency Program Coordinators listed below.


We offer the following programs:

Internal Medicine (ACGME Accreditation # 140-48-31-423):
Categorical NRMP Program Code: 2923140C0
Preliminary NRMP Program Code: 2923140P0