Division Director

Image of Dr. Bela Patel, Division Director of Critical Care Medicine at McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Dr. Patel is the Executive Director of Critical Care for all of Memorial Hermann Health System in Houston, TexasBela Patel, MD CMQ FCCP

Division Faculty

Rodeo Abrencillo, MDRodeo Abrencillo, MD
Robier Aguillon Prada, MDRobier A. Aguillon Prada, MD
Akkanti-BinduBindu Akkanti, MD
Marshall D. Bailey, MDMarshall D. Bailey, MD
Sujith-CherianSujith Cherian, MD FCCP
Kha DinhKha Dinh, MD
Pratik B. Doshi, MD CMQPratik B. Doshi, MD CMQ
Goutham Dronavalli, MDGoutham Dronavalli, MD
Estrada-y-Martin-RosaRosa M. Estrada-y-Martin, MD MSc CMQ FCCP
Barreda-Garcia-JavierJavier Barreda Garcia, MD, FCCP
Sami Hossri, MDSami Hossri, MD
Hussain-RahatRahat Hussain, MD
Profile Photo of Dr. Pushan Jani, Director of Interventional Pulmonology, in the Divisions of Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth in Houston, TexasPushan Jani, MD, MSc
Soma JyothulaSoma S. Jyothula, MD
Maryam Kaous, MDMaryam Kaous, MD
Pascal L. Kingah, MD MPHPascal L. Kingah, MD MPH
Robert-LodatoRobert F. Lodato, MD, PhD FCCP
Majid-RuckshandaRuckshanda Majid, MBBS DABSM FCCP
Photo by Dwight C. Andrews/The University of Texas Medical School at Houston Office of CommunicationsReeba Mathew, MBBS, FCCP
Brandy-McKelvyBrandy J. McKelvy, MD, FCCP
Isabel C. Mira-Avendano, MDIsabel C. Mira-Avendano, MD
Gabriel Patarroyo-Aponte, MDGabriel Patarroyo-Aponte, MD
Maulin Patel, MDMaulin Patel, MD
Syed Ghazi Rizvi, MDSyed Ghazi Rizvi, MD
Lilit A. Sargsyan, MDLilit A. Sargsyan, MD
Joanna Scoon, MDJoanna Scoon, MD
Gautam Sikka, MDGautam Sikka, MD
Mark T. Warner, MD, FCCP, CMQMark T. Warner, MD, FCCP, CMQ
Alisha Y. Young, MD, MAJ (USAF)Alisha Y. Young, MD, MAJ (USAF)
Farah KazzazFarah Kazzaz, MD