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Here are some of our favorite resources…

Perinatal Mental Health

Lactation Foundation’s Perinatal Mental Health Resource List

Latch & Positioning

Latching your baby to the breast is the first step to pain-free breastfeeding.  The following videos demonstrate techniques to help you achieve a deeper, more comfortable latch.

Breast & Nipple Problems

Engorgement, plugged milk ducts, mastitis, and nipple pain & damage are some of the most common problems encountered in our clinic.  The links below offer some useful tips for these common concerns.

Milk Supply, Pumping, & Milk Storage

Many moms have questions regarding milk supply, milk storage, and pumping.  The links below are often recommended by our lactation staff.

Bottle Feeding

Paced bottle feeding is a commonly recommended technique used to bottle feed the breastfed baby.  It allows bottle feeding to more closely resemble breastfeeding and helps to preserve the baby’s willingness to feed at the breast.  It also allows the baby to rest and eat at a more comfortable pace.

Medications while Breastfeeding

Many moms have questions about the safety of medications while breastfeeding.  Good news – most medications are perfectly safe!  The links below are resources that help moms determine whether or not to use a particular medication while breastfeeding.

Working and Breastfeeding

Tongue Tie

Sometimes an oral restriction lies at the root of a baby’s breastfeeding problems.  The links below offer an introduction to the topic.

A Whole Body Approach to Breastfeeding Success

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy that can help improve feeding for some infants.

Rhythmic Movements

Rhythmic movements can help resolve body tension, provide relaxation, and regulate the nervous system. They are also helpful when infant feeding behavior is disorganized.

Tummy Time

Tummy time is a helpful adjunctive therapy that can improve infant feeding mechanics.

***Patient Access Only***

Note: The resources found in the folder linked below are available to current LF patients only and are to be used in collaboration with and as instructed by our lactation specialists.

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