“They watched me cry at a week postpartum, they helped me immensely and I will forever be grateful and recommend them to all new mommas.”

“I am a huge advocate for the Lactation foundation! I went with both my kids and I just got off the phone troubleshooting my pump. Unfortunately I’m not in town to make an appointment and the assistance over the phone was amazing. I don’t feel alone knowing they are literally just a phone call away. I recommend this service to all new moms. Even second time around moms, such as myself. 

“This place is amazing. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed if not for one of the consultants.  Thank you, Connie, for your time and tips.”

black woman breastfeeding

“I was having latching problems with my new born and I called the lactation foundation. They were able to get me an appointment the next day. My consultant, Megan, was great. She was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot during our appointment. I’m glad we went and would recommend the lactation foundation with anyone having nursing issues.”

“I had my appointment today and it was super helpful and the staff was so nice! I learned so much! I’ve been having a hard time getting my daughter to latch and I feel confident enough to be able to do it now after my appointment.”

“Staff was absolutely great. I loved how supportive the LC was and the info she shared on various resources. The rooms are heated which is a huge plus for baby’s comfort. Will definitely go back for a follow-up after getting tips on improving my newborn’s latch.”

women breastfeeding with man to side

“I had my first consultation today & all I can say is I wish I had gone sooner! The office is very clean & professional. I got an appointment very quickly, I was taken in immediately when I arrived. My consultant, Paula, was very professional but also warm and caring. She helped me recognize what our barriers to breastfeeding are and how to overcome them. I would recommend them to anyone needing help. You could not possibly ask for more from a free service.”

“The staff is wonderful to work with. My baby wouldn’t latch at all. My first appointment was when my son was 7 days old and the lactation nurse Connie got him latching with a nipple shield. 2nd appointment was 1 week later and we managed to get him latching without a nipple shield. There were 2 days of fighting with him at home but he refused a bottle and wanted to breastfeed instead. Couldn’t have done this without them!”

“I visited a few months back when my little lady was having a hard time latching. The consultants were able to refer us to a specialist for her tongue tie. The staff was so kind and welcoming. Would definitely come back or recommend them to anyone needing lactation help.”

father, mother, toddler, and baby

“The staff here are so kind and encouraging; I really needed support and they are so good at giving it. I would have given up on breastfeeding a long time ago if it weren’t for the help and motivation of their nurses and consultants. Every time I go to my appointments, I’m so uplifted by how much they care for and listen to me. I can’t believe their services are free; they’ve really gone out of their way to give me the tools and tricks I need so my baby can learn to breastfeed. Their gracious understanding has been a godsend and a lifesaver.”

“Easy to schedule appointments and bring not only the new baby but siblings too. Consultants are friendly, knowledgeable, and work with you to help make sure your baby is fed.”

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