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This adaptive lasso based tool integrates gene sequence features and expression profiles to predict functional miRNA-mRNA interactions.

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This is a combinatorial analysis of Calmodulin (CaM) sequence evolution and its conformational dynamics. The framework can be used to study how a promiscuous protein has adapted to bind to a larger number of partner proteins.

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This is a centralized resource that provides the detailed information of more than 60,000 apps related to health in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This database allows the meta-analysis of health-related apps and provides guidance for research designs of future apps in the mHealth field.

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This Web server hosts a novel computational tool to predict miRNA targets with the target sites located along entire gene sequences, including both the coding sequences and untranslated regions.

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This tool implements a network-based method that uses the gene connectivity in the gene co-expression network as the evaluation criteria for variable selection.

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This software tool incorporates prior knowledge on both network structure and pathway information for the reconstruction of gene networks.

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This tool predicts protein-protein interactions based on estimated domain-domain interaction probabilities, by integrating large-scale protein interaction data from three model organisms. The tool is implemented in both C and Perl and can run on Linux or Windows OS.

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