SNNAP Splash ScreenSNNAP is a tool for rapid development and simulation of realistic models of single neurons and neural networks. It includes mathematical descriptions of ion currents and intracellular second messengers and ions. In addition, you can simulate current flow in multicompartment models of neurons by using the equations describing electric coupling.

SNNAP also includes mathematical descriptions of intracellular second messengers and ions, and simulate the modulation of membrane currents and synaptic transmission, either enhancement or inhibition.

Other advantages of SNNAP include:

  • Written in JAVA and can run on virtually any type of computer system.
  • Graphical user interface
  • Ability to simulate common experimental manipulations.
  • Modular organizations of input files.

SNNAP development has been supported by AFOSR grant F49620-93-1-0272, as well as NIH grants R01-RR11626 and P01-NS38310.

SNNAP v 8.1 download