SNNAP Downloads and Installation Guides

SNNAP Downloads

  • SNNAP 8.1 – Zip file (28.30 mb). New features include the ability to simulate Markovian receptors (Jonas et al. 1993) and mobilization of presynaptic transmitter (Gingrich and Byrne 1985). NOTE: Includes SNNAP 8.1 JAR file.
  • SNNAP 8.1 JAR File – Zip file (910 kb).
    Provided as a separate file strictly for user convenience; NOT required if you are also downloading SNNAP 8.1 above.

You may also find it useful to download the following components separately:

  • SNNAP 8.0 jar files – Zip file (786 kb). Includes CellMatrix.jar and SNNAP8.jar.
  • Examples – Zip file (8.73 mb), comprising a library of over 100 example simulations
  • Tutorial Manual– A PDF of the the SNNAP 8 tutorial (7.18 mb)
  • Tutorial Examples Zip file (115 kb)
    NOTE: You will need SNNAP8.jar to properly run the tutorial examples. 
  • SNNAP 8.0 – Zip file (16.04 mb), comprising the CellMatrix.jar, SNNAP8.jar, Examples file and the SNNAP 8 tutorial.