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New flu vaccine only a little better than traditional shot

A newer kind of flu vaccine only worked a little bit better in seniors this past winter than traditional shots, the government reported Wednesday.

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Controversial researcher’s diabetes vaccine causes improvement in small study

An experimental therapy for type 1 diabetes, widely derided by mainstream diabetes researchers, lowered blood sugar levels to near normal, a small, ongoing trial found. Patients in the trial, whose blood sugar levels have remained near normal for five to eight years, take about one-third less insulin than they did before, reducing their risk of hypoglycemia, in which insulin lowers blood sugar to dangerously low levels.

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A New Wave Of Meth Overloads Communities Struggling With Opioids

By the time Fridays roll around, 74-year-old Mary Ann Hale, a principal at West Elementary School in McArthur, Ohio, is overcome with worry, wondering whether her students will survive the couple of days away from school.

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Oral antibiotics tied to increased risk of kidney stones

Children and adults who take five commonly prescribed types of antibiotics may be more likely to develop kidney stones than people who don’t use these medicines, a recent study suggests.

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